Happy “Holidays”!?

Posted on December 11, 2015

It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about dinner’s out, catching up with friends and relaxing after a big year.. And although the entire team and brigade of dedicated people working at Chefs On The Run have had a HUGE year too – for us, it’s actually when we have to crank things up an extra notch and run our fastest!

Many of our casuals have been studying or working other jobs throughout the year, but like everyone in hospitality, they know that this is the time of the year when there’s money to be made if you’re prepared to work. And although it would be great just to sit back and enjoy a quiet drink or two with friends, if we stop working then everyone else would have to pour their own drinks!

So, if you’re someone who owns or manages a business in the hospitality & catering industry, is running an Aged Care facility, Resort or Hotel – or maybe running a large catering operation – or just having to cook for the family over the festive season, here’s a few things to ponder on..

At this time of year, demand from customers is pretty high, but can still fluctuate substantially week to week. Sometimes a lunch or dinner that looks nearly booked out can double – and every one of the people who turns up expects you to deliver the same quality and service as you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. No business can afford to maintain sufficient staff to cope with this ‘peak and trough’ time of year, so making sure you have a couple of places to source great casual staff is as important as having enough food or drinks!

When looking for a source of causal staff you really want to be sure you can count on (a) professional, skilled staff who enjoy looking after people and will make your customers feel welcome, (b) staff who are being properly paid, including wages, superannuation, payroll tax if applicable and any other allowances, (c) staff who are properly insured both against accidents and on your premises and, finally, (d) staff who will actually turn up once booked!

The other factors we’d ask you to consider when you realise you need someone to help you through the busy times are (a) leaving a call til the last minute at this time of year usually means no-one will be available – they have already been booked, (b) asking someone to supply ‘just anyone’ because you’re desperate will always end in tears, (c) just because you’re busy, it doesn’t mean a quick tour of the premises and people isn’t necessary when a new person arrives and (d) please keep in mind that our casuals are still working hard to make sure everyone makes hay while the sun shines – but they are quite probably as tired as you are!

Anyhow, holidays for some – happy work for others! We wish you and yours a fantastic, profitable and hopefully enjoyable Christmas and New Year!