Chefs On The Run – By the Industry – For the Industry

Chefs on the Run Australia Pty Ltd was established in January 1990 to provide the Hospitality & Catering Industry with a dependable source of casual, temporary and emergency personnel.

The founders, Stephen Scrogings and Simon Bailey, believed that the Industry needed to be able to source properly trained professionals on short notice. Hospitality professionals who could walk in at a moment’s notice and provide the necessary skills to assist a site get through a shift, week or month when they needed support.

Chefs On The Run believes in looking after everyone with whom we come into contact. Whether you are a contracting or casual Chef, Waiter, Bar Attendant or Catering Assistant, or the owner or operator of a site or venue, we’re here to look after you. All of our people have a Hospitality & Catering background and we know exactly what it is you do for a living and what you have to do to stay in business.

We are a preferred supplier to the largest Caterers, Health & Aged Care operators, Hotel Groups, Private Hospitals, Mining Sites and Defence installations in Australia. We’re also in there working with some of the best Restaurants, Bistros, Cafes, Hotels and Boutique Caterers throughout the country. Since getting out of catering ourselves, we have become the largest supplier of professional Home Chefs – who make entertaining at home a breeze.

Over two decades we have shown our commitment to the Hospitality & Catering Industry time and again. We have worked with chefs setting up their own businesses, assisted clients get through tough times, been the ‘overflow’ supplier when things get really busy and constantly lobbied to ensure the industry has a strong future in Australia. We don’t see ourselves as being in the personnel industry – we’re a part of the Hospitality & Catering Industry.

We’ve also been innovators, introducing new concepts to the Industry since we started. We introduced contracting to Chefs, catering to horse owners, entertainment to Real Estate and Beauty to the world of corporate entertainment. We’ve pioneered custom-cut meat and thoroughbred syndication for foodies.

If you’re looking to continue a career in Hospitality or to pick up some extra work, we’re better at looking after you than anyone else. If you want to work with someone who understands business, the bottom line and exactly what you need, try out our people – and the 24/7 service that supports them. If you want to entertain in the privacy of your home – without the stress, there’s simply no-one better to call!